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Flagstaff, AZ


Check here for the latest updates on new designs.


Baby Craze!

Dustin Dienno

It seems that I am at that time in my life where everyone I know has been having kids. After countless baby showers I started to get bored of seeing (and buying) the same gifts over and over. Although they were useful, I started to feel that I wanted to add in something a little more personal. So I decided to make some rattles! It was a super fun, challenging project that I had complete creative freedom with and I loved it. 


New Commissioned Hair Piece

Adrianne Dienno

This was a super fun piece to make! Commissioned by a husband that adored his wife's beautiful hair, for their wedding anniversary I couldn't help but put in some extra time on this piece to make it really special. The stick, and branches are mokume gane, which I forged from scratch using sheet metal, and the cherry blossoms are copper and silver married metals. 


I call it Home

Adrianne Dienno

My moms desire to explore took my siblings and I all over the west. Often times she would take us out of school without notice, pack us into the van, and just start driving. I continued exploring the beauty of the west on my own as a teenager, and adult. Over the last few years I've been having these landscape ideas, in nostalgic moments. So I've finally put pencil to paper, and came up with this line. I will only be releasing a few select pieces of this line, and I expect them to be done sometime before Thanksgiving. I will probably exhibit them at Shoes and Such. More Photos will be posted shortly. The piece shown below is one of three lockets.

Nickel and Silver Night Landscape Locket (Closed)

Nickel and Silver Night Landscape Locket (Open)