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Flagstaff, AZ

Care and Use

Care and Use


Each piece of jewelry that I make is handcrafted and tested to be robust as long as you care for it correctly. The metals that I use such as Copper, Silver, Nickel, and Brass are very durable, but improper use can cause certain types of damage. Some types of failure due to normal use are covered under my warranty.



Although my jewelry is made out of metal it can scratch. Luckily the married metals process allows for reasonable scratches to be polished out easily without loosing the intricate inlayed designs in the metal. Certain metals are harder than others and are better at resisting scratching. Silver, Copper, and Gold are much softer metals than Nickel or Brass.




Metals will get dirty, scratched or tarnished over time, but they can easily be cleaned and re-polished with a simple hand polishing cloth.  I include a polishing cloth with each purchase and you can buy others on my site also.  When you polish a piece of jewelry you are actually removing a small amount of oxidized metal from the surface.  Humidity, skin oils, and lotions can all cause the metal to re-oxidize at different rates. Some amount of oxidation can be desirable because it will increase the contrast between the metals.  As the piece oxidizes, it becomes more and more bold until it just looks too dirty.  Then it can be polished and brought back to its original luster. 


Skin Allergies:

Many people can be allergic to Nickel. Nickel is a commonly used material found in many objects from chrome plating to the buttons on your pants.  If you are allergic to Nickel, the buttons on your pants will usually give you a rash.  All of my jewelry is designed so that nothing but sterling silver is in contact with the skin.  Studded earrings are backed in sterling silver, all ear wires are sterling silver, pendants are backed in sterling silver, and rings are lined in sterling silver or stainless steel. 




Metals can break for a number of reasons, but the most common with respect to jewelry are fatigue and mistreatment.  I design my jewelry to be robust, but at the same time is must be light enough to be wearable and fashionable.  These are pieces of art that are not meant to go through the washer, crushed in a pocket, stepped on, or hold the weight of a small child.  Please use common sense.  Fatigue is another issue with metal that most people are not aware of.  Certain types of jewelry like cuffs are often flexed numerous times to open and close them to fit peoples wrists.  Although the metal can be flexed a few times without any adverse affects, cuffs are not meant to be flexed and they should be sized to a persons wrist.  Repeated flexing of all metals will cause the metal to become brittle and it will eventually fracture and break.