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Flagstaff, AZ


Custom Commissions

Custom Commissions

Where to Begin:

Commissions are welcomed and considered on a case by case basis. Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a custom piece of jewelry. I take the creative process very seriously when I do commissioned works for you. I like to brainstorm and sketch out many designs based on what you think you want. The process can be as short as 4-5 weeks depending on how long it takes for you to decide what you want.

My initial hand skeches


The price of a custom piece is determined by the complexity, size, and metal combination. Generally custom rings start at about $500. If you want more expensive metals such as Gold or White Gold, then the price is higher. Also, added features like stainless steel ring liners or complex and difficult patterns are an added cost. No matter what you dream up I can usually find a design that fits your budget. If you just want a piece that is available for purchase on the site but in a different metal combination then I do not consider this a custom piece. The price will be the same as the stock item as long as the metals that you want to substitute are not more expensive (ie. gold or platinum), although these custom metal combinations are non-returnable.

Visualizing Metal Designs and Metals Combinations:

Many people find it easier to visualize what the finished piece will look like when the sketch has the different metal colors exemplified. I usually take my initial hand sketch and digitize the design so that I can help you decide which design is most appealing. It also makes it quick and easy to see what different metal combinations would look like for the same design. I will do two rounds of numerous sketches to determine which design you would like to pursue.


Digitized designs with possible metal combinations

Creating the Piece:

Once the digitized design has been finalized with you, and a contract signed I start the process of cutting, soldering, and sanding to make the final piece. Please see the How it's Made page to see how the different types of metal are combined together. Perfection is something that I strive for, so commissioned pieces sometimes take me more than one try before it meets my high quality standards. Making the piece takes about 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.


The finished ring based on the above sketches


A Finished One of Kind Piece:

If you are interested in commissioning one or many pieces of jewelry, please contact me and we can work to figure out a design that satisfies your imagination, budget, and timeline. I can do many different types of commissioned pieces including: bracelets, cuffs, earrings, pendants, and belt buckles. I look forward to tackling your unique challenging vision. 

The finished bracelet based on the initial sketches above.