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How to Select a Piece

How to Select a Piece:

Choosing a piece of jewelry for yourself or another person can be tricky. To help this process along there are a few things I like to consider depending on the type of piece you're thinking of purchasing. 




When thinking about buying a necklace consider the neck size of the person you're purchasing for, as well as their frame. Is their neck thin, average, or above average. Are they tall, or short, do they have a long or short torso. Finally where do you see them most often wearing their necklaces, at their clavicle, or lower. If you can't remember think about what type of shirt neckline you see them wearing the most often. Necklaces that hang just below the collar will often remain in the drawer.

For the average to thin person a 16 inch chain will put the pendant at their clavicle, or slightly lower, whereas a slightly above average person would need an 18-20 inch chain. To elongate a frame an even longer chain can be a nice option, rectangular shaped pendants can also help achieve this. Although I'm a firm believer that any frame can wear large pieces of jewelry many petite women feel overwhelmed with pieces that are too large.   



Consider the neck, is it shorter, or longer. Is their face shape rounder, or thinner. Do you often see the person you are choosing the piece for wearing larger, bolder earrings, or smaller, delicate pieces. 

If they have a shorter neck any earrings over 1.5-1.75 inches may be too long. On the other hand if you buy shorter earrings with a large profile you may end up emphasizing a short neck. Consider shorter, thinner, shapes. Those with long thin necks have fewer limitations but may find larger profile, and longer earrings more flattering. Round face shapes may look better with longer thinner profile earrings, or teardrop shapes. While long thin faces can handle a little more volume. 


Bracelets and Cuffs:  

Bracelets are much like ring sizing. Every woman has a different size wrist and needs them to be sized accordingly. I recommend measuring a bracelet (preferably a cuff or watch) that is worn often.  Next notice what type of bracelets they usually wear. Is it a cuff, chain, hinged, or bangle style. Do they prefer bold, or delicate bracelets.   


The Key to Success:

Finally keep the person you're buying for in mind. Whether you're buying them earrings, or a bracelet. Try not to stray too far out of their comfort zone. If you are still at a loss for how to select a piece for a gift or even yourself, please contact me and I would be glad to help you.